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Your Most Important Asset, Marketing

What gives an edge and gets people, brands and businesses recognized as more professional and positive than others is always one thing, how they market themselves. This enables them to be able to create a long-lasting impression. The first impression is what counts for the journey ahead, a famous quote states that the first 15 seconds of employee engagement with a customer is what sets the tone of the company in the eyes and mind of the customer.

Marketing is How You Dress

When anyone meets you before any word is exchanged your dressing is what will speak for you. Always dress in what suits your job and customers.  Some aspects of packaging can tilt the odds in your favour, for example, piercings, hair colour, nose rings and eyebrow piercings may be a bit excessive for some employers.

Marketing is How You Talk

When speaking to people it is important to take hold of the opportunity presented to market yourself. A speech full of slang, swear words and bad grammar is not appealing to anyone and creates an awkward and uncomfortable environment.

Your personal and business voicemail should always be professional in order to avoid people from hanging up having the wrong impression of your brand.

Marketing is How You Write

In the marketing communications industry attention to detail is at the dead centre and being keen will give you an upper hand over the competition. Spelling errors on C. V’s and resumes always get your application ignored or thrown into the rejected pile. You may be qualified, maybe even overly qualified but how you write to your potential employer will play an important role in whether you will get the role or not.

Marketing is How Well You Listen

Being a good listener instantaneously changes how people perceive you. Listening is an uphill task but not many of us who actually get training about it. The best advice you could get is that you have two ears and one mouth, and you should use them proportionally.

People think of your differently and regard you higher if you master being a good listener.

Marketing is Your Attitude

How you treat others always gives you an edge in marketing your business, brand and company. Being polite and kind to your customers will give you that ears to tell them more about yourself.

Marketing is not rocket science and with these tips, you are sure to be at an advantage to take your business to the next level.