Envelopes Printing Ottawa

Send personalized mail to your customers

When you own and operate a business, you need to establish brand recognition. If you print custom envelopes, you can incorporate your company logo and other identifiers on your stationery that will help solidify your brand with customers and prospects. It is important to create a unified look to your business cards, letterheads and envelopes. Let us create custom envelopes for your business that will earn name recognition for your business.

We offer a world class product and a fast turnaround on your order. We use the best quality inks and paper when we print custom envelopes for your business. Your mail will get noticed when you let us take care of all your custom envelope printing needs.

Be advised that not all custom envelope printing services are created equal. Most printing companies use inferior paper and inks. If you want your business to show off its classy reputation, leave your envelopes printing to the professionals at PrintingShark.com.

We can print custom envelopes in a variety of sizes to suit all your business needs as well as envelopes with and without a window.


File Formats:

We accept the following file formats: .TIF, .TIFF, .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .JPG, .PNG & .PDF. It is the client's responsibility to make sure their artwork is setup correctly and print-ready if the client is to supply artwork for printing. If Printing Shark is creating the artwork, we will ensure your files are setup correctly for print and provide a digital proof for approval.


All file formats must have a minimum of 300 dpi (dot per inch) resolution. Images designed for the web typically cannot be used for printing as they have a low screen resolution of 72 dpi. Print images need to be created at 350 dpi or there will be a substantial drop in the image quality.

Colour Mode:

All colour artwork and/or images must be provided in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) colour mode. All black & white artwork and/or images must be provided in gray scale colour mode.

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