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Why website engagement in marketing is important

Every marketer has about a fraction of a second to keep visitors viewing their content. Otherwise, they are back to another search. Prospect judge based on relevance and value of what your website offers in solving their problem.

Is website engagement a revenue-generating source? According to 2014 B2B procurement, found that people find IG easier carrying out their research on an official page than others (that is what 83% respondent think).

While that figure is encouraging, the question of where would B2B buyers get the most information offered got answered, and official websites came down to 37%. What this shows is that more attention should be paid to writing contents that are engaging and encouraging on websites.

Engaging the visitor at the right time with the right message is the ambition of any marketer, hoping to communicate effectively. By posting content that hits the pain points and challenges of the average visitor search, companies can nurture prospect into a quality lead.

You need to meet your buyers where they are always shopping

While other forms of digital marketing like emails, advertising, and conferences might hold sway in the mind of the marketer, website engagement can be enriched if the right content is always uploaded first because of their reach and lead generation.

An instance is company websites that hit 100-200k every year with a few tens of thousands each month. A figure like that is impossible to ignore as a marketer. What if a fraction of the data are people at the highest stage of the funnel? A considerable opportunity could get lost because of a lack of engagement.

Even at the awareness stage in the funnel, a poorly kept website that is not engaging is a huge turnoff. If the investment is not channelled towards engaging the new prospect, another opportunity is lost. Bounce rate is another reason you might need to write engaging content so that they can convert.

The unequal website visitors

A website that matches all your demographic, like industry, job, function, and much more would be a great thing.

Personalizing your website allows you to engage with visitors on a personal level, after that gain more CTA, case studies because you would be hitting their interest and challenges.

Marketing Sherpa predicted that 67% of people would instead engage a website that speaks about their job compared to 82% of people who prefer their industry. Such a figure indicates the call by prospects for sites to have specified contents.

Website visitors have demographics that stands them out like industry the industry they are in, their location, and lots more. The marketer’s job is to pick all these elements and serve up contents that might increase the visitors’ engagement.

2019: The year of website personalization

Personalization is taking off from where it stopped the previous years. Individual content uniqueness is what still stands at the top of the pile. Meeting the prospects at the point of their need with clear and concise content is an excellent way to achieve that.

Your bounce rate will reduce as more people stay longer on your site when you follow this approach. It will also educate and place your company at the top of the food chain that can convert any lead.