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Why the Facebook attack on marketing looks good

Facebook put businesses on edge…again

A recent ad by AD age magazine highlighted an article that portrays what the marketing world is currently facing ” Facebook cut brand networking reach once again.”

Yes, they did.

The most pertinent problem that social media platforms currently face is monetization. That is why, when Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram decided to work on these challenges; it left marketers with questions? What is the motive behind it? How will they leverage their revenue and data?

The issue brands have come to terms with is that we no longer have access to owning some of the tools provided by these platforms. Whatever they are offering marketers now is rented space. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube views are all ranted space. Users have no way to access data and own it per se.

So it made sense to finally get it from Facebook on why some promotional posts will not be shared or hidden from brands. Probably this was geared towards steering the online community towards value advertising, which may well work.

Even if you can’t see this a bad, imagine a situation where Facebook gets to charge brands for promoting more and gaining all the data and insight. No one wants a scenario where Facebook controls the tenets of digital marketing.

We don’t feel like we are in that type of the world currently. Instead, it has caused brands to prioritize certain aspects of their campaign in order to issue out better marketing.
Great marketing isn’t affected by all the changes happening to each marketing move and their algorithms, just like Facebook is doing. It is real and fun to immerse oneself into great marketing, and in the end, it provides value.

That is why we see content marketing rising by the minute. Because people are starting to realize that the amount of posts and videos doesn’t matter if they are not adding value to the reader, it goes beyond ad and promotion.

In the end, it is about who creates the best ad that is entertaining and integrates their product better that people will be able to share their content on social media. It is such a type of advertising that doesn’t get the hammer from Facebook.

Facebook might not be the reason some of these marketers are complaining. It might just be because they know lazy marketing is no longer going to be tolerated by the platform, and that is a good thing.