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What to Look for in a Printing Company

Understanding and getting all the knowledge of the paper industry helps customers be able to plan on future printing orders. All printing houses have a mission to provide the best customer service as they believe that it all begins with transparency. Transparency includes working alongside the paper mills, distributors and finally the customer.

Here we will discuss what are the specific things to look for when deciding on which printing company to take your order or project to:

  • Awesome Results – If you need a quality printing order a quality printing company then should always have a couple of proven exceptional results of previous projects. Blurry images, uneven cuts that lower the standard of your items prove that the printing company is far from being exceptional.
  • Referees – A proper printing organization should be able to provide references who you can contact to double check the performance of the printing company. A company that can not or is not willing to provide references or have at most two clients who can support their claims this is a major red flag.
  • Affordable – Good printing companies offer affordable and competitive prices that are on par with their competitors. If the prices seem excessively low or high this can mean there is a problem somewhere.
  • Well Established – All quality print companies in the industry have made a name for themselves and have been there for a couple of years.
  • Local Store- The printing company you decide to go for should at least have a physical local store. This benefits you just in case there are any issues with your project and need a physical place to go and make a complaint. This also shows that the printing shop is participating in boosting the local economy which benefits the community.
  • Professional Service – from prepress to the end product, a quality printing company will provide the required professional service. This service or assistance helps those business owners who know nothing about the printing process and options that are available.
  • Samples – quality printing companies have samples which will reflect accurately what your items will look like once done with. Without samples, you, as a client will be flying blind and the end product may be the surprise you did not expect.

With the constant evolution of the printing industry, it is of great importance that business owners, brands and companies understand what to look out for in order to go for the best high-end printing company.