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What is it like to run a printing shop in Ottawa?

Today we are going to take a break from our usual marketing and printing related blogs and tell you a bit about us and our print shop in Ottawa. Our regular schedule is to post some marketing advice for potential and existing clients to help promote their businesses with some killer tactics as well as offer advice on different printing products and promotional items. We really enjoy helping business owners achieve their goals and build successful companies. While most of the hard work is done by our clients of course, it is a very rewarding feeling to be a part of the process in helping them acquire new customers and showcase their businesses with vibrant, high quality printed brochures, business cards, pull up banners and more.

We started Printing Shark because there was a significant gap in the printing industry in Ottawa (and surrounding areas) where print shops either had horrible knowledge of business and only knew about paper stocks or they lacked talented graphic artists to help put together a printed masterpiece or they just took forever to get back with a price quote and then when they did the price was outrageous. You see, Printing Shark is the product of two successful venture capitalists who have several existing businesses running for 10+ years (some turning 20 soon in fact) and the need for printing products for their own businesses was frequent. Since the existing printing companies in Ottawa were not rising up to the high standards expected, the founders of Printing Shark took matters into their own hands and invested heavily in a massive printing business that could raise the bar and set new high levels of service to meet the growing needs of Ottawa’s diverse business community.

At Printing Shark, it is much more than just how much for what type of paper or cardstock. While that is at the core of the business of course, providing the price for a particular product and job, our business is much more than simply providing Ottawa printing to customers. We want to make sure that your business is represented to the highest level so we only carry the best of printing stocks. We do not specialize in cheap printing; rather we specialize in extremely economical printing with the highest standards possible. For example, many Ottawa printing shops carry 12pt business cards and pass them off as if they are 14pt. This is terrible and the quality is noticeably poorer on the 12pt so we don’t even carry that stock as it is doing a disservice to our clients. We want to work with all clients if possible, however we focus on the demographics that truly care about the success of their business and the image that they put out there in the world for their customers to see. We value quality over quantity. It is far better for us to nurture the relationships of 2000 fantastic companies rather than taking 100,000 one-off clients whose companies won’t last the test of time because they do not care about the reflection of their business and care more about the cheapest possible printing products just to get it out there. When you invest in your business properly you will make a much more significant impact and that can lead to much greater returns on your investment. Spending an extra $20 for a much nicer card stock will leave a lasting impression in your customer’s eyes and the difference can be seen in the higher conversion rates you will see from your printed marketing campaigns.

At Printing Shark, the industry leading Ottawa printing company, we go above and beyond for our customers and we truly understand business owners because we are business owners with eight successful companies running every day. We know you are busy as a business owner. You don’t have time to come down to pickup your printing order and you shouldn’t be charged extra for delivery as a penalty (unless the order is super rush and needs a courier of course). We have worked out deals with UPS and FedEx to provide free shipping/delivery to our clients across Ottawa and Gatineau and surrounding areas to make your life easier. On most standard and wait-and-save orders (some products exempt), we will drop off your products right at your door at no extra charge. It’s these kinds of bonuses that set us apart from the lower grade print shops that nickle and dime you for every little thing.

We truly value our clients, providing exceptional customer service and coming up with innovative services and products to help your business succeed.

If you are a current customer of Printing Shark, we would like to say thank you for your continued business and support and if you are considering trying us out for the first time then pull the trigger – you will not be disappointed and we are here to serve you.

Have a wonderful week!