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Web Offset Printing Benefits

This is a process that involves continuous feeding of roll paper through a printing press. It is different from other offset printing which use separate pieces of paper that were fed into the press after being precut. Once the pages have been imprinted on the roll two things happen, either it is folded by signature or parted and cut down to size.

When printing images, this will require that the image is printed onto a plate which is pressed later onto a rubber blanket which is then rolled onto the material. This ultimately imprints the image onto the paper. This is where the term offset is derived from.

This type of printing is best suited for mass publications such as catalogues, brochures, mass-market books, newspapers, magazines and brochures.

Benefits of Web Offset Printing

  1. Convenient for Large Scale Printing

This is the most convenient and the main benefit of offset printing. If you are seeking to get consistent results and have large scale prints offset printing is more convenient for your business rather than sheetfed printing.

  1. Consistent Quality

Using a professional printing service which utilizes all the latest technology you expect nothing less than the best of the best and the highest quality in your project every time. All this with a very quick turnaround.

  1. Quick Results

Are you in a rush to get your printing job completed? This is another huge benefit of selecting web offset. It is timely and efficient as it uses web press of rolls of paper rather than sheets of paper. This allows greater speed and efficiency.

  1. Pantone Color Matching

Offset printing utilizes the use of Pantone Machine System which provides you with the most accurate match. If you need your printing in black and white the benefit of using web offset printing will significantly lower your printing cost.

  1. Cost Effective

What business is not looking to lower their expenses? Well when it comes to printing, web offset printing will do just that. If you are looking to produce high quality and a large amount of prints web offset printing is the best way to go.

Web offset printing is both quick and cost-effective with consistent quality results. If you are looking to get value for your money while still getting high-quality prints consistently the web offset printing is the way to go. It surely has an upper hand over sheet printing.