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Useful Tips For An Effective Brochure Design

If you want to ensure that your printed business marketing tools are effective in getting your message around to your target audience and much more people via traditional marketing. Brochures, also known as pamphlets, are types of leaflets which features compacted forms of information. There are some single-sheets which are bi-fold or tri-fold. Usually, the bi-fold brochures have prints on both sides and they’re folded into halves, similarly tri-fold brochures which are folded into three instead.

Now that you know what brochures are, we want to show you how to effectively design them so they you can educate your audience, and provide a good identity and credibility to your company. That way you can broaden your effectiveness on the market, as well as encourage customers to actively indulge in business with you. Here are some useful things you can do to effectively design your brochure.

  • You need to determine how your brochure will be used by carefully deciding the concept, theme and structure of your brochure.
  • Add some innovation and creativity to your brochure’s design to make it easy for people to recognize your design.
  • Ensure that you use the right print size for the layout of your brochure paper.
  • Make use of print bleed to ensure that all areas of the brochure’s layout will be printed and trimmed effectively.
  • Always print with a high resolution for your brochure. Using a low resolution layout can cause your brochure to print out pixilated or blurry.
  • Be very careful with the font you are using. Try to choose ones that are going to deliver readable and legible information to your audience.
  • Make use of headlines, bullet points, images, charts and other illustrative tools to grab your users’ attention.
  • Use a CTA to get your audience thinking about taking action to buy from you.
  • Ensure that your designs grab the attention of your audience, so they can’t resist it.
  • Make sure you use the right paper for your brochure. A good choice will be glossy paper, because it’s a thicker, heavier quality which helps your customer to perceive you as more professional.
  • Try to design your brochure in a way will ensure that people won’t want to throw it away.

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