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Use Stickers to Promote Your Business

Are you looking for a great way to promote your business or make your sales package look more professional? Well then  you have come to the right place. Today at our printing shop in Ottawa we took a look at some of our recent orders from customers and came across some interesting things when we looked at our label and sticker printing section. We came to the realization that our customers are doing some pretty awesome things with their custom printed stickers and other businesses just like yours can benefit from doing something similar for promoting your business or putting the professional touch on your sales package and products.

Here are the top 5 things we noticed that you can implement in your business with custom label printing and stickers in Ottawa:

Brand Your Company Gifts & Giveaways

Your goal in business is to be seen… everywhere. Custom labels and printed stickers can help you do just that because you can stick your logo, phone number, web address, QR code and more on almost any surface. Stickers come in all shapes and sizes so you can have different custom stickers printed so that you are always prepared to brand your business on any surface and location. Especially if you will be giving something away to customers which may even be something you bought somewhere just for a promotional giveaway. If it is a gift for a tote bag at a conference or trade show for example then having a sticker with your brand and company details can be helpful to stick your business right on the product so that your brand will be seen by customers.

Limited Time Offers, Promotions and Specials

Stickers can be very handy for limited time offers that will expire at some point. You will be able to have these on hand to stick onto anything that gets sent out or seen by customers. When the promotion ends you can remove the sticker from your window or poster etc. and you can take your packaging that you purchased in bulk to save money and simply slap a sticker on it with your currently running promo. Stickers are a great way to customize something that is already made like a sales brochure that you will print 100,000 copies of because the content is universal but maybe you have promos running in different cities or regions. This is where stickers can be very beneficial so definitely keep in mind custom printed stickers for your specials and promos rather than having your promo printed right on the brochure for example.

Run a Contest

Customers love the opportunity to win something and running a contest for your business can generate a lot of interest in your company. The great thing about stickers is that they stick… to virtually anything. You can post your custom stickers all over the city to draw attention to your contest which will ultimately draw attention to your business. Think about printing some custom stickers for your next contest to make it a great success!

Add a Professional Seal

If you currently send out envelopes with letters or sales kits then you can add a professional seal with a custom printed sticker to your documents. This will create an added level of professionalism in the customer’s eyes. Also on your products that you mail out or receipts etc. you can add custom printed labels with limited time offers on them. This way you can mass produce your letterheads and other materials while simply sticking on a sticker with your current promo as promos become available or expire.

Give Something Away for Free

People love free stuff. Take the opportunity to give away custom printed stickers for kids or even adults at your next trade show or business function. One great example of this is Cozmos Greek Restaurant in the West-End. If you visit this restaurant not only will you taste some of the best Greek food in Ottawa but also if you happen to visit with children then your kids will be given stickers while you are at the cash paying your bill. A small gesture that is very inexpensive but this will leave a lasting impression and add to the overall customer experience so your business will be top of mind next time that customer’s belly rumbles and cooking seems like an impossible task! Your custom printed stickers can include your brand and contact details as well as a silly character that kids will love or you can keep it simple and just print some silly stickers for kids without the contact details if you want to appear less sales-oriented. Either way it works!


Hopefully you join the sticker printing revolution and transform your business by adding some custom printed stickers to your marketing and advertising. Make your message stick with custom labels printed in full colour. We even have vinyl with UV inks that means your stickers will be weather proof and sun-resistant so they won’t fade. Get a quote today on printing some customer stickers in Ottawa. Let’s make it sticky!!!