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Use Flyers to Promote Your Events

One thing you must be sure to do when organizing an event such as a concert, sale or store opening is to make people aware of it. There are countless ways to do this. Radio, Television, newspaper and even billboard ads are just a few of them. These mediums however, tend to be beyond the bounds of most small business budgets. It is these small businesses who also find it difficult to effectively promote their events.

One medium for marketing that has been around for aeons is word of mouth. Promoting by word of mouth is the very basics of advertising and this method has progressed to great heights thanks to the development of social media. Channels like Facebook and Twitter offer businesses a free platform to promote their offerings and events, and while these are highly beneficial in terms of cost, it can be quite a laborious task to sufficiently promote your business and events.

Although social media has it its many benefits in generating awareness and creating buzz, it is important to consider some of the tried and true techniques in marketing that have been used for years. One noteworthy technique is direct marketing and the use of flyers for promotion.

Flyers offer an excellent platform to reach your audience and promote events in many ways including:

  • Door to door mail drop off
  • Newspaper inserts
  • Street distribution
  • In-store distribution

If you opt to promote your event on a flyer, the opportunities for creativity are countless. You can make your flyer stand out and draw attention to key details. Most flyers generally tend to be A4 or A5 in size, and can be printed on both sides to give you all the space to get your message across. You can also use a folded finish to make your flyers attract attention.

Another great benefit of using flyers to promote your events is its tangible nature. The fact that your customers come into physical contact with your flyer means you are half way through to getting your message across. The finished look of your flyers has an impact on whether you customers will continue reading, or try to find more information. It is important to make your flyers attractive, but do not forget to make your message clear and easy to see.

Flyers allow the use of incentives such as coupons and vouchers. This is a fantastic way to draw interest to your event and create awareness. You can use your flyer as an incentive mechanism by providing discounts or other benefits to persons who use a particular coupon code.

You can use coupon codes as a measuring tool to determine how successful your marketing campaign has been. You can also use the data to make projections for future marketing campaigns. Add flyer numbers, custom URL’s and QR codes to your flyers can help you monitor your success.

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