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Tracking your Return on Investment from Print Marketing

If you are selling products or services then you need exposure for your company to get the word out about specials and drive new business to capture the attention of the ever-crowded consumer market. Most successful businesses employ a wide range of marketing tactics ranging from email marketing, search engine optimization and print marketing with custom printed postcards, flyers and brochures etc.  In your own business you are likely doing many of these marketing strategies already and the ones that you aren’t you should definitely start to make sure that you cover the entire marketplace from all angles.

When it comes to digital marketing, tracking your marketing campaigns can be quite easy with the implementation of link tracking, cookies, coupon codes etc. With offline marketing through custom printed products such as full colour postcards, it can be more difficult unless you implement some clever tracking methods and tools to make sure you have a clear view of your return on your investment for custom printed products in Ottawa.

There are some tools you can take advantage of such as QR codes so that customers will have to scan the graphic with their smartphone in order to access a link and take advantage of your promotion or offer. These codes can be setup to direct a customer to a landing page that has tracking built in for conversion tracking so you can assess the results of your marketing campaign at any time. QR codes are great but will that be enough? Likely not as there are many customers that will access the link but there are equally a lot of customers that would rather just pickup the phone and call you. So what do you do in this case? Well good news is there are companies out there such as RingCentral, Call Frog and many others that offer virtual phone numbers so you can track where a phone call originated from such as your print materials or maybe even different landing pages on your website that are setup to display for Google Ads. Implementing these tools adds the ability to track conversion rates to your marketing campaign so you can maximize your marketing efforts and make important tweaks to ensure that your campaigns are always running at peak performance and converting as many customers as possible. If you find your conversion rates are lower than expected, perhaps some tweaks to the offer, design or print layout will make a significant difference and convert more customers.

When designing your artwork for your custom printed brochures, flyers, postcards or other marketing materials it is crucial to leave some room for a QR code and a virtual number so your offline marketing with print products becomes a traceable form of marketing to boost your business.

If you need some assistance setting up your artwork or designing your custom printed brochures then our skilled team of marketing experts can definitely help you. We can generate QR codes for your print materials and even get you a discount on virtual phone numbers (in most cases) to  help you start tracking your offline marketing efforts today.

Give us a call or send us an email to start the design process on your custom printing in Ottawa.