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Top Advantages of Using Direct Mail

The new trend in marketing is all about online relations. This is especially true when it comes to mail campaigns. Most businesses choose to use the online platform to do their mailing. That’s not necessarily the best idea though. There are a lot of reasons why using direct mail for your marketing campaign is very beneficial. Here are 7 of those benefits.

  • Higher Response: Studies show that you tend to recruit more new customers by using direct mail than by using email. It fact, it is actually between 10 to 30 times more effective.


  • Customer Preference: More than half of all customers prefer direct mail as opposed to email. 67% of customers think that direct mail is a much more personal choice and 70% of customers say that they “preferred mail for receiving unsolicited information from unfamiliar companies.”


  • Trustworthy: About a quarter of the customers used in a study, though that direct mail offers were much trustworthy that email offers.


  • More prospects: It’s much hard to get email addresses. The easier thing to do is to opt for using direct mailing, because you get about 80% more potential customers from this.


  • Fewer Competitors: Email tends to be more cluttered because of the tons of digital offers that customers receive from competing companies. Your email can get lost in the snowstorm of emails. Your direct mail won’t get lost in the background.


  • Uniqueness: It’s just different to actually receive a piece of mail in your hands. That isn’t done much these days, especially when it comes to marketing.


  • Long Shelf Life: Direct mail tends to have a better chance of being relevant for a long period of time. While an email’s shelf life lasts for just about a few seconds, direct mail’s shelf life can last for days on end.

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