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Time to Get Organized for Marketing

The business community has been shaken up with the economic slowdown as borders close and isolation becomes a mandatory practice in most communities around the world. This is a time of extreme hardship for many and unfortunately some have even lost their lives. We will all make it through this, however some may be worse off than others in the end. Some will prevail and ultimately, in time, things will return back to normal – or at least the new normal.

Once the dust settles, business will (however slowly) return to normal and some industries will see a surge as new revenue opportunities present themselves. Some industries will shake off some of the businesses that were barely hanging on leaving a void that needs to be filled by the surviving businesses and also the new businesses that start in the aftermath.

These are troubling times but it doesn’t mean you should give up or look at the world as doom and gloom. Now more than ever is the time to buckle down and get organized. That is how you will succeed. Take this time to be strategic and assess your business and the future of your company. Restructure your business processes and systems, setup and incorporate new softwares to help streamline operations once you reopen and work on marketing plans for the relaunch after the shutdown.

You need to 10x and 30x your work efforts now more than ever. Here are some things you should do right now that will ensure your company hits the ground running once you are back in action:

#1 Create several weeks/months worth of meaningful social media posts and schedule them in your Facebook account etc. so that they dripfeed over the coming weeks and months

#2 Create a series of print materials ready to get your business in the hands and mailboxes of potential customers

#3 Redesign your business cards and printed marketing materials such as flyers, posters etc.

#4 Create a series of blogs that can be released over the coming months to add fresh content to your website

#5 Make a list of potential local partners and influencers that can

#6 Reach out to some podcasters, news stations, radio stations etc. – all of these people are looking for positive, feel-good stories that are local, happy, and most-importantly not the same old COVID news. Take advantage of this and get your story out there with information about your business, yourself, your staff, how you are coping, plans for the future, how you are helping etc.

#7 Assess your competitors, industry leaders, and other business professionals for ideas on how they are running their businesses so you can find possible ways you can steer your ship better.

People are getting sick of social media because it is the same old doom and gloom. Offline marketing is becoming even more important than ever. Now is the time to design or redesign your print marketing promotions and get some new custom printed flyers etc. so you can blast your company promos and messages out there once things resume.

These 7 tips should help your business recover quickly once this is over. Doing the work now will give you a much better chance of success.

All the best, take care, be safe and keep working!