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The time to start sending emails during the holiday is here

We know how it sounds talking about holiday mail by this time of the year at the time where we are supposed to be working and saving for the period. 

Why are we bringing this topic up in the middle of the year? 

Either you made it big last year with your email campaigns, or you are planning to and trying to execute the plan. A successful email campaign takes preparation and planning. Before we start bombarding our clients and prospects with emails from different angles, we must understand the process again. For us to be successful in sending the campaigns, there are processes to follow.

The exciting news about it is that we have just the right tool that will send your automation processes into a frenzy. You finally have a reason to be confident as the season approaches.

We will guide your steps as you go on to have high open rates during the holiday season.

We have the first of three packages for the holiday preparation. There is a reason we are keeping all the cards to our chest now. And why we are kicking off in time.

From here on we can start talking delivery and deliverability problems as the number one priority. What difference does it make? While the former is more focused on getting the message out there irrespective of where it hits. The later has a tolerance for finding their message in the inbox of the person it was sent to.

ISP controls the life of an average email marketer by regulating their activity online. To get in their good books and have a successful email campaign, you need to build your reputation and cancel out any problem you are having with them. Email problems like spam, bounces should be taken care of before we move on to the opt-in email list.

  1. Authentication and Delivery
  • Authentication

Full DKIM set up (if you don’t already have)

Let your DMARC setup ensure problems of spoofing are eliminated during holidays so that you can send emails reliably to the client’s inbox.

Not quite familiar with the process, reach out so we can help you.

  • Delivery

Eliminate role address, together with disposable domains, and wrong addresses as well from your database in order not to invite hard bounces, spam issues, and traps.


Certified opt-ins

Make the only contacts that need your mails opt-ins. It will help eliminates spam from your reputation, unsubscribes, and many more traps along the deliver and deliverability journey.