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The Power of Saying Thank You

This is one of the most underestimated marketing techniques in the business world. This does not only deliver a touching message, but it is also effective in breaking through all the advertisement clutter. But what makes it the best marketing technique is how low it costs. Thank you, cards are invaluable to marketing, some may think Thank You cards are old fashioned and ancient but think back to when you received a thank you card, how did it make you feel?

Thank you are powerful words that always bring a good vibe and make you feel good. But the few thank you cards we do actually get are boring and flat. Some feel scripted which weakens their impact.

Purpose of Thank You Cards

The old-fashioned way of taking the time to write a thank you card may seem tiresome and boring, but these small acts of kindness cultivate trust and appreciation. Thank-you cards are a common courtesy that prompt appreciation to people who have helped you succeed and climb up the business ladder.

A handwritten card expresses this in the best way compared to a printed thank you card. The amount of personalized mail that we receive gets lower and lower by the month. These personalized emails are the ones that most people prioritize and open immediately.

Thank You Cards in Marketing

The gap left by the lack of handwritten thank you cards leaves a golden opportunity for marketers. This enables you to differentiate your brand from the rest. Once people receive thank you cards, they do not throw them away, at least not immediately. This leaves a mark in their mind about your brand.

Being able to stay top of mind of all your clients boosts your success to greater heights and gives you the opportunity that your company name will be passed around. This builds referrals for your business and it goes without saying the more the referrals the more business and profit you get.

Tips for the Perfect Thank You Card

  • Do not send it via email.
  • Handwrite the address and the card.
  • Always include specifics of why you are thinking that specific person.
  • Be sincere and brief rather than write a whole short story.
  • Send it immediately rather than let it sit at your desk for weeks.

Thank you cards may be an old-fashioned way of marketing, but it is as effective as it was years ago. It helps your clients to be able to familiarize with your brand and business.