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The Importance of a Good Font for Printing Products and Where to Find Free Fonts

When you are designing flyers or business cards to get them printed in Ottawa it is very important to choose the right fonts for displaying your marketing message. There are literally thousands of fonts to choose from all with different styles, slants, widths and more making each unique. It is easy to get lost in all the options available and spend your entire day sifting through the vast resources of fonts on the market. Depending on your budget you may find the perfect font with a small investment or you may go the route of having a designer custom make you your own font that no one else would have but this would come at a much higher level of investment of course. There are also tons of free fonts online that are great for use in your printed business products.

Regardless of the cost or source you get your font from, it is important to choose a font that is easily read when printed. Often we see clients choose fonts that appeal to them personally and have a really nifty design to them but they are hard to read and therefore your marketing message is lost in the shuffle of the design. The goal should be to choose a font that you like but more importantly that is easy to read and will be universally liked by all potential customers. Afterall the design is not for you but rather for converting leads into customers.

Another thing to consider is the actual print products you are ordering. If you are ordering custom printed signs for your business then the font should be even more clear as it will need to be seen from a greater distance than looking at a business card for example. If you are deciding on fonts for use in custom brochure printing in Ottawa then you will want to choose fonts that are easy to read on smaller areas when dealing with paragraphs and larger amounts of text. It is perfectly fine to use more styled fonts for headings and things that are bold or larger because it will be easier to read but when dealing with paragraphs it is usually advisable to stick to something that is more generic and straight styled.

The last recommendation for today with regards to choosing the type of font would be to consider the demographic you plan to target with your marketing. If it is a younger demographic then more stylized fonts would be okay as they likely won’t have eyesight issues that you need to consider and also may appreciate something more trendy. If however your demographic is older then it is a better idea to stick to generic fonts like Arial etc. so that they are easier to read by your target audience.

There are some great resources online for finding the perfect font and some of these resources are paid and others are absolutely free. Some of the nicer fonts come with a commercial license for a small fee although you can definitely find some award-winning fonts for your print product designs. One of the great resources we recommend for our clients at our local printing shop in Ottawa is Dafont.com. There are hundreds of categorized fonts that you can use for designing your custom printed brochures, business cards, flyers and more. A really cool feature of the website resource is that you can enter the text you plan on using to preview each font live on the site to see what your exact font choice would look like with the text you plan to display.

Check out dafont.com and choose the perfect font today for designing your personalized business cards, signage, letterheads or other print products you plan to order.