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The Future of Printing

Over the years printing has experienced some very useful technology advances. Printing is getting better and faster thanks to these technological advancements. Printing options have spread catering for all the client’s needs such as web-offset printing, digital printing, full-service bindery, digital printing and mail, and fulfillment services.

Digital Printing

This is the one type of printing that has made leaps in advancing the technology used. In recent years the digital press has proven to be the ideal solution for small volumes which want a fast turnaround. The main benefit of digital printing in its capacity to be able to manipulate images and text from piece to piece.

Sheet-fed Printing

An advantage of using this kind of press is that the presses have an inline coating capability which makes it possible to print anything from textured UV to aqueous gloss. The other advantage is its high speeds which get up to 14,000 impressions every hour. New technologies have brought new high-end and cost-effective pieces.

The biggest advantage of using sheet-fed printing is that they are fully automated which increases efficiency, improve printing accuracy and all at a lower cost.

Web Offset Printing

If you are looking to print large volumes, then this is the best printing option for you. Buying paper in a huge role is lower and this, in turn, makes the process even faster than sheet-fed printing.

Environmentally Friendly Printing

With most people becoming more and more environmentally aware, printing has begun to respond to this regulation. Some of the printing regulations that may come into play in the future may be the use of recyclable cartridges and paper.

3D Printing

With this new trend catching on really quickly and is destined to grow even further. The implications of 3D printing are too vast to overlook. Over the next few years, 3D printing is expected to be more accessible, affordable and advanced. It has the revolutionary potential which has been seen in the manufacturing industry which allows production on the consumption point. This has made shifts in the economic labels possible as manufacturers could lose their market advantage.

A number of technological advancements have led to the evolution of the printing industry. The future looks promising and exciting as we are about to see the full potential of 3D printing and fast turnarounds even for large volumes. Printing is growing fast and becoming more effective. Printing a couple of years ago was not in the place it is at present and the future is about to experience more changes.