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Test Your Small Business Marketing

Getting a measure of the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing activities is important and crucial to any business. This is even truer for small businesses which do not have a whole team dedicated to business analytics or SEO optimizations.

Small businesses, however, should keep track of how good their marketing activities are taking effect. Here we will discuss some steps that your small business should take metrics of and look at and how to track them to better account for your success:

  1. The baseline for Marketing Metrics

It is important for any small business to always have a record of where they came from. It is quite easy actually, just connect your business website with Google analytics for easier tracking of your regression and growth.

Have a baseline for SEO traffic and get to know how to set up conversion events for your small business website.

  1. Create Regular Reports

This is just as important as being able to visualize trends on your website. Reports written on the resulting outcomes of your marketing efforts come in handy when it comes to analysis and assessing results. It is important to send these recap reports to your marketing team regularly.

Having a regular report which not only covers the statistics but also interprets what you think of the trends and what you see assists you and your marketing team to understand and have a clear picture if where you came from and where you should be heading to. All this will help your marketing team reap the most benefit for your small business.

  1. Key Performance Indicators

There exist several ways in which this can be done. The following are just but a few of the major metrics to give you a good starting point:

  • Web Visits – This is to check the amount of traffic your site is getting and how the visitors are getting there.
  • Sources – This focuses mainly on how your SEO optimization is working. This checks how all your site visitors got to know about your site. Was it through keywords?
  • Bounce rate – after visiting your site are people actually impressed by the design and content of your site? Is it easy to understand?
  • Session duration – the amount of time your website visitors actually want to spend on your site shows that your strategy is working effectively.

Tracking all your marketing efforts puts you in a position that will make you able to understand what new strategies you need to employ and which ones to do away with.