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Showing your hand: Premium business card is vital for business growth

Nothing beats opening your printer while expecting something like a premium business card. It has many square dots in the name of the contact person on it, ready to be shipped and distributed to wherever contacts and networking get expected for brand awareness. However, when your name is spelled wrong, or an important detail is left out, your business card begins to feel like junk. No wonder you are not converting.

If you have ever experienced this, it is about time you have a change or rethink the type of printing solutions you need.

Only one option exists to make a first impression

Appearance can sometimes be deceiving, and that is what happens in the world of business. Whether you’re packaging the best product or offer the best customer services, if you don’t organize your business the way things can run smoothly, no one is going to patronize you – especially your reps.

Anyone using a business card has two things at the back of their mind; Professionally present your business and give out your contact. It means that the card that will be carrying the image of the company must be of high-quality fashion and materials. A proud business owner will love to give these cards out.

Partnering with premium card providers

Even though a premium business card is what you need, it has to be done by the right printing company in order not to drop the standard that you have set for yourself and your esteemed clients. While most people offer you free services is to rub off on your contacts and provide less quality work for premium payment.

What options do you have? When you decide to employ the services of a big box company, they take your order for granted. They don’t often get done to the individual’s specification; instead, they mass produce them using a template. When you request for custom finishes like lamination or a flood coating, don’t be surprised if it gets handled by someone unprofessional.

Now you understand why we want you to have a premium business card from a professional printing service. A localized card done by an experienced printer is not to be taken for granted because the process is laid layout from start to finish.

The outstanding characteristics of Business cards

The name ”premium card” comes from having what quality exactly? In a place where the proliferation of business card might get overshadowed by the true essence of why a premium card might be needed, here is what you should be looking at:

• Top-quality-card-stock: For every material used in printing a card, the weight and texture have to be with the right finishes.

• Double-sided-Color-Printing: Double color printing on either side of the card bring out an exquisite touch and feel
• Exquisite coating and laminating: It is either you are making the card glossy, or semi-glossy to meet a specific taste or laminated to protect and make it last.
• Custom size and blend: Many features can get customized just for you: like the embossed text or a custom sizing e.t.c

Why our color graphics is the best option for your business card calls

We have been in business for 40 years in the city of Ottawa to give you good color graphics and your printing needs. Our staff and members are posited to pick your calls anytime you are willing to place an order.