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Show Off Your Business with the Right Card Stock for Business Cards

There is a difference between card stocks and coatings that can make your business stand out from the crowd. When you are ordering your next set of business cards to be printed or you are printing postcards, you should strongly consider the card stock used for printing your business cards etc. so that you can leave a lasting impression with customers and create that “wow factor”.

Many business owners choose the standard stock when printing their business cards and postcards, which for us is 14pt card stock. There are some print shops that use 12pt as the standard but we find that is too thin and feels very cheap so we don’t even carry the stuff! In addition to standard 14pt card stocks, there are several thicker card stocks available and at the very least we highly recommend the 16pt as it is a much nicer feeling card stock and the thickness is sure to help your business stand out. It’s these subtle keys that show your business is not the “norm” and that your business means business – if you know what we mean. There are thicker stocks then this of course and in fact our card stocks go as thick as 32.5pt which is strong enough to hold up an iPhone (no joke, we tested it). The 16pt or 18.5pt would be great options for your custom printed business cards and the price difference is minimal – especially when ordering 1000 or more cards.

Thicker card stocks just feel better and more durable and create a better image for your business. For the couple extra dollars you are getting a lot more value presented to potential clients. In addition to stocks there are different finishing options available for custom printed card stock and the different options are suitable for different scenarios.

Matte Coating or Matte Lamination vs. UV Coated and Glossy Card Stock Finishes

When printing business cards that have very dark backgrounds, a matte finish is usually recommended because the glossy finishes will show fingerprints and smudges more and also the matte finish gives a silky luxurious feel to your custom printed business cards. Who doesn’t want that!

If you are looking for very vibrant colours and you don’t have heavy background colours then a glossy or even super UV gloss is highly recommended. The UV gloss makes your cards even thicker and virtually water-proof which is a great presentation piece for your business. We have business cards in our office with both matte and UV coated options and of course the artwork is different to accommodate the right finish. Both sets are awesome and we receive great feedback from people who receive our cards. The right finish can truly set your business apart and create a lasting image for your potential customers.

Special Finishes

There are also specialty finishing options available that can create an even more memorable, standout from the crowd appearance. This would be with Spot UV options that are basically a matte card for a silky smooth finish that incorporates glossy finishing only on certain parts of your custom printed business cards that highlights areas of your business cards such as your logo.

You can also go the extra mile if you want and get foil stamping. We have gold foil stamping for example that uses real gold and creates a very nice shimmering effect on your business cards.

There are many options to choose from including these mentioned as well as special shapes with die-cut options etc. It can seem overwhelming but it’s relatively simple depending on your design elements. Give us a call or send us an email and we can provide you with some recommendations for your business card printing in Ottawa to choose the right card stock and finishes for your final product.

We look forward to working with you and helping you choose the right card stock and finishing options for your custom brochure, postcard, or business card printing in Ottawa.