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Sheet-fed Printing Benefits

Sheet-fed printing is where sheets of paper are fed into a printing press. A sheetfed press can print an average of 4,000 to 18,000 sheets per hour. The products are usually large and cover almost the whole printed item.

Sheet-fed printing produces high-quality products ranging from light stocks to heavy stocks. The only shortcoming of sheet-fed is colour variation which is often caused by fluctuations of the ink and water balance.

Image quality in sheet-fed printing is far more superior as compared to web offset printing. With the introduction of new technologies, the set-up time has been greatly reduced and the printed waste too. In a densely competitive market, the results are economical.

Here are some reasons why sheet-fed is the choice of professional printers:

Automated Process

It is actually a heavily automated process from the first step where the machine feeds the sheets automatically allowing a more flexible product size. Tiny feet in the machine picks up the paper feeding it through the press. Rollers keep it moving until the grip pieces get hold of the paper. This automated system ensures efficiency while lowering costs considerably. You are even not restricted to single paper size.

Specialty Finishes

Sheet-fed printing ensures your products have a specialty finish that will add on its flair. It has options from matter, gloss and dull finishes to make your piece stand out. You can even make it glossier with aqueous soft-touch materials. Sheet-fed printing also has a UV finish option which overall or spot matte, gloss, textured glitter or dull finish options. Sheet-fed printing can easily handle all these unique finishes that you may need for your project with no problem.

Fast Printing

The main advantage of sheet-fed printing is that the press can print quickly making it super easy to get many copies of the same piece in a short time. The high efficiency of sheet-fed printing machines reduces the process cost. This is helpful when you have a large volume to print. The machines used in sheet-fed print machines can easily handle all types of products, from full-size calendars to postcards and all other sizes in between.

Sheet-fed is the go-to choice for most professionals as it does not limit the number of items they need to have printed. These three benefits make sheet-fed printing all the more appealing for all kinds of businesses which may be looking to save time and some money.