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QR codes for your Ottawa printing marketing

The goal of your business printing products should be to get the customer to take an action of some kind. Whether that is to contact you by phone, email, visit a website or fill out a form. It can be difficult to track your print marketing responses unless you implement different phone numbers, unique web addresses etc. Fortunately there is another very useful marketing tool that you can use with your custom printed brochures, business cards, flyers and postcards. This powerful marketing tool is known as a QR code. QR code stands for Quick Response and is a square image with some embedded data that is decoded using a QR code scanner (available in most smartphones and app stores for free).

When these QR codes are scanned from your print material, an action occurs. The great thing about QR codes is that they are very flexible and can initiate many different actions such as opening the phone app and making a call, visiting a website address and even performing more complex actions such as sending a text message, posting on social media and even initiating a purchase through Paypal. Pretty cool huh!

With QR codes you add a very powerful element of interaction that can boost you marketing game to the next level. Imagine having a list of your products on your brochure or postcard with a QR code below each one where the customer can get more information delivered to their phone via a downloadable PDF or webpage and even make a purchase via the QR code scanning.

Typically with print marketing the less content you have is best to provide a clutter free marketing piece and QR codes allow you to do that because you can provide the customer with the essential details and then a QR code that can be scanned to provide full details should the customer want access to more information.

Furthermore, by utilizing QR codes for your custom printing you are able to get a lot more web traffic by directing offline marketing methods (print materials) to online sources such as your website. You can make separate landing pages as the destination for each QR code and capture customer emails and phone numbers so that you can put these customers into your sales funnel for lead followups etc. The conversion rate from your print materials will increase significantly with the right campaign and QR code integration.

The best part is that you can generate QR codes for free online, download the image and simply include it within your graphic artwork design for your custom printing materials. If you want to know more about how to use QR codes for your next marketing campaign simply ask us and one of our experienced marketing pros will discuss how QR codes could help your business perform better with custom printing and the implementation of QR codes.

If you have never seen one before (or maybe you have and didn’t realize what it was), these are what QR codes look like: