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Printing Business Cards: Some Mistakes You May Be Making

There are quite a number of things that you may be doing wrong as it relates to the creation and the printing of your business cards. This can severely affect the success of your company if you continue to repeat the very same mistakes. We’re going to show you some of the things that you need to avoid doing when you are printing your business cards.

  • You need to avoid small font sizes on your business card, because many people just can’t see what’s written on your card. Make it easy for them to read what’s on your card.
  • You need to avoid glossy paper because that make it hard for you or the person you give it to, unable to write notes on it.
  • You need to avoid light font color because that may make the information on your card very hard to read as well.
  • You need to avoid a design that is inconsistent with your website. You need to ensure that your business fits the look and feel of your brand.
  • You need to avoid not putting links to social media on your card, because these are a great asset to your brand marketing.
  • You need to avoid not adding an email/web address or adding a bad email address because that lowers your business’s credibility.
  • You need to avoid using poor quality paper to print your business card on. People will notice that and directly link it to the quality of goods/services your business provides.
  • You need to avoid sharing too much information on your card. Some of it just isn’t necessary and your customers won’t know what to focus on.
  • You need to avoid not including a tagline or promise, or else you won’t be able to sell your brand effectively.
  • You need to avoid not making use of the back of the card. Don’t overdo it by adding too much information, but don’t let the back of the card go to waste.

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