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Print Powered Small Business

There is a lot of attention given to digital marketing. Printed marketing, on the other hand, has not lost its relevance. Print materials and promotional products are physical representations of your brand and remain to be a crucial part of the success of any business marketing strategy.

Printing is more affordable than digital marketing meaning that your budget is not too affected and will push further into the fiscal year. Small businesses can switch to a 2-sided business card which may be printed on high-quality paper, pro signage which captures the attention of clients and potential prospects and useful promotional products that will compliment your brand.

Printing companies offer services ranging from graphic designs like logos to business cards which give you a high-quality product which will not put any strain on your small business budget.

Here are some few suggestions that will enable you to create and make the most out of offline marketing materials:

Collateral Printed Marketing

Loyalty cards and business cards pack quite a punch. Customers usually pick a couple to share with their friends and family and you can easily pass them around at expos, meetings and even on social events. When business cards are handed out, you create a visual and mental link. Loyalty cards and business cards are wallet-friendly making them easily portable and once you’ve handed them out, they will not become a burden someone is looking to offload.

For a more attractive business and loyalty card that stands out over the rest, go for a coated or glossy paper. You can also make them serve as business and loyalty cards and also as coupons for your business.

Direct Mailing

Direct mail has proven to be more effective in gaining responses than emailing. They are also more convenient. As a small business, you can take advantage of this by designing brochures and flyers and sending them via mail.

Branding Promotional Products

Using your logo in a strategic manner on your promotional tools and items and placing them in a place where people can have a clear view and let the promotional materials market you.

Branded clothes whether worn by the staff, fans or customers is both effective and long-lasting. It keeps you in the mind of your customers every single time they see that clothing. However, this is a double edged sword, you should always go for high-quality promotional brands like t-shirts in order to not disappoint your customers.