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Some Print Marketing Terms You Should Know (Part 3)

In the previous posts, we’ve enlightened you on a number of print marketing terms that are important to know about print marketing. Fortunately, this is our last post about these terms – read them below…


  • Paid circulation is the number of printed copies which are purchased by readers at a specific time.
  • Pass-along readership is often referred to as Secondary Audience. They are readers of a publication in addition to the initial buyer.
  • Preprint is an advertising insert which is printer in advance of the regular press run and then combined with the final publication right before it is actually distributed.
  • A Publisher’s Statement is a notarized statement from the publisher of total circulation, method of getting subscriptions, geographic distribution and more.
  • Readership is the number or percentage of people who read an ad or a publication.
  • The Readers Per Copy is the number of readers per copy of a magazine or newspaper.
  • A Regional Edition is a national publication’s geographic-specific location which provides circulation within that specific geographic area.
  • The ROP color is color printing which happens during the scheduled press run and is placed the publication’s usual space.
  • ROP or Run of paper is newspaper advertising which is positioned to run anywhere in a publication. It doesn’t have an exact choice of a specific page or position and its placement is dependent on the newspaper’s discretion.
  • A Spot color is a single extra colour ink which is added to a page.
  • A Supplement is a newspaper section in magazine format which is made before the newspaper is distributed.
  • A Tabloid is a newspaper format which is just about half of the size of a broadsheet newspaper.
  • A Tearsheet is a publication page, that holds the advertiser’s message. It is sent to the advertiser to show accurate placement proof.


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