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Some Print Marketing Terms You Should Know (Part 2)

Our previous post was about print marketing terms. You should have some ideas about printing when you want to engage in that kind of campaign. This post is a continuation of our last post, showing you some other printing terms you would like to know. Check them out…

  • A coverage area is the geographical area of where the media coverage can reach.
  • A display advertisement is one which is placed outside of classified advertising and can range from a small to a full size of the print page.
  • The dots per inch (dpi) are the total number of electronic dots per inch which a printer can print effecting resolution.
  • A free circulation is a publication which is sent to customers without them having to pay for it.
  • A frequency discount is a discount advertising rate which is given by media to advertisers for the placement of multiple ads for a specific time.
  • A gutter is the blank space between the margins of pages facing each other or between columns of text in a publication.
  • An insert is a one-page or multi-page print ad, which is inserted and distributed in a publication.
  • An island ad/position is a print ad which is surrounded entirely by editorials, not other advertisements.
  • A key number is a code that is placed in an ad to facilitate tracking data.
  • A magazine supplement is a section of the magazine which is separately printed into a newspaper.
  • A net paid circulation is used to show the number of copies sold per issue, in newsstands and subscriptions.

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