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Presentation Folders Enhance Your Companies Image to Close More Deals

Your customers have 20/20 vision and your business needs to look good – always. It is important to have a coordinated image with a solid brand and consistent marketing messages across your entire business. This means that you need to have all of your ducks in a row from your website to business cards to the package you give to your customers after the deal is done. So how can custom printed presentation folders enhance your business marketing and lead to more sales? Well the magic is in creating a very professional image.

The reality is that if you are in business then you are facing competition. Even if you are in an industry that you feel or have convinced yourself has no known competitors then you need to think again. If there are no “direct competitors” then you need to understand that you are competing with every other business out there because each one is competing for the same thing – your customers wallets. You may have someone selling handbags and even if they were the only company on the planet selling handbags then they would have competitors from other industries such as someone selling furnaces because customers only have soo much money to spend or that they want to spend and all companies are fighting for these dollars.

This is why it is very important to make sure that your business is always out there in the market and when doing so that you put your best foot forward with the right marketing tools, print and promotional items. Customized presentation folders can help you achieve a very professional look, keep your important sales or post-sales documents organized for your customers and at the same time offer the opportunity to generate referrals or returning customers.

So how can personalized presentation folders generate more purchases and referrals? Good question and the answer is simple. When you give customers a business card they are likely to hang on to it for a brief period of time and then discard it or they may intend on keeping it and then it becomes tattered over time. This is not the case with presentation folders because they are larger and the customer will want to keep the documents that are inside such as the sales receipt, contracts or other important information such as warranty info. Since your information will be branded all over the presentation folder then your customer will have your brand and contact details right at hand and any one they talk to about your services or products will be very impressed when they see the folders as your customer tells them about your business.

As an example, one of our clients is a home inspection service and he provides all of his clients with a presentation folder after the inspection that contains the important information from his inspection as well as some other necessary documents regarding the service performed. He has told us numerous times that he has landed several referrals after each job because home owners talk and they show the reports he made that are part of the presentation folder. Some feedback he has received is that the package looks very professional and well put together and that it created confidence that he would pay close attention to detail when he does the inspection because that is the image he is putting out there with the customized presentation folders.

If you are looking to take your sales and marketing to the next level then you should consider getting full colour presentation folders printed for your business to create a professional image for your business and brand. We have very affordable prices and frequently run specials on printed presentation folders (also known as pocket folders). You can print on both sides of the presentation folders and even include business card slits on both sides, no sides or just the left or right pocket.

Ask us about our presentation folder printing prices and the current printing specials we have running at our Ottawa printing shop. We’re here to help 🙂