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Photographers Can Market Their Talents with Postcards

The professional photography market is not the easiest to break into. You need to have the skills, equipment and the ability to explore a career outside the traditional framework. Photographers also need to have a sharp sense of market yourself in a way that you to stand out above your competition.

It seems all dull and dark, but the good thing is your work speaks for you and itself. When it comes to marketing materials and creating beautiful photography you will need to be quite impressive. This is where postcards come into play.

Postcards make it easy to show off your skills of brief and imaginative formatting. Postcards are generally bigger giving you space to work your magic and leaves enough room to add contact information and branding. Here we will discuss some few ways we can use to market your photography using postcards:

  1. Black and White Plus Some Color

Overlay a black and white image with a colour-filled text or logo to make your message stand out and look attractive. It is also good if you highlighted the most important information.

  1. Appreciate the Season

If your postcards are seasonally inspired, they are more than likely to stand out. Photography is connected to the calendar and it will be in your advantage if you could connect your postcards to these aspects.

  1. Make It Stand Out

Using pop-ups and special folds will make your postcard images standout and showcase your wide range of skills. 3D marketing is always important in separating you from your competition.

  1. Have a Digital Version

Including a digital version of your postcard onto your website creates a sense of continuity between your digital marketing and print marketing efforts.

  1. Induce a QR Code onto your Online Portfolio

Your portfolio includes all your work and tells of your whole story, inspirations and motivations. Your postcard will be only a preview of all this. Including a QR code onto your postcard linking or directing your potential clients and customers to your portfolio is a good way to market your work.



  1. Get a Clear Call to Action

Use a simple call to action texts to incite and excite your potential clients to take up your services. Whether general or specific a clear call to action at the right time will be sure to bring in traffic.

It is about time to stand out in this competitive market and make your photography skills well known with these postcard tips.