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Nonprofit Brochures for Effective and Budget-Conscious Promotions

Raising funds for a non-profit can take some serious effort. There are many ways to raise awareness for your cause and your organization and the best ways have proven to be campaigns that mix online and offline methods. Online landing pages, websites, and social media posts provide low-cost, trackable and dynamic ways of getting your message out while capturing information from donors and even donations through online payment portals. Search engines, boosted social media posts and online engagements from likes, comments, shares  and more provide opportunities to boost your fundraising efforts like never before. The execution of online campaigns can really help your non-profit thrive.

One thing that is often overlooked is the print material side of things. While online strategies have tremendous benefits, when coupled with offline print media and promotional items you will be sure to have a winning strategy attracting attention and donations from all angles. Brochures provide a very economical and practical way of raising awareness. People still want to read things and hold them in their hands. When waiting in a doctor’s office, at a conference or fundraiser or even waiting at a service desk at a local business. Brochures offer a full-colour experience that can draw someone in to your message and by mixing digital marketing into the brochure you can use QR codes and web links for people to access from their smart phones while they review your custom printed brochure.

Furthermore, there is one crucial thing that all non-profit organizations must do and that is to look professional to be taken seriously. Your non-profit should be treated like a business with proper branding, professional website and even professional print materials such as brochures, pull up banners, business cards and more. The more well-presented your non-profit looks, the more credibility you will have and this will help generate more subscriptions, donations, awareness and more.

It might not seem fair that you would have to worry about your image as much as a business when your cause and mission behind the non-profit organization should be enough however that is the reality for your non-profit in todays world. Many non-profits have to operate on the kinds of extremely constrained resources that often make professional-level presentations securely out of reach, but in a world where so many books are judged by their covers, it can often mean the difference between success and failure. The good news is that printing materials and even setting up a website are extremely economical in the market today compared to what these things would cost a decade ago. This means that your non-profit can really shine with a professional-level layout, design, and printing for a minor investment. While the impact on your budget is minimal, the impact your custom printed brochures will have on potential donors, visitors, or partners can be massive and very positive.

Despite what you may have heard, print marketing is very much alive and very effective today. Direct mail and some strategically placed custom printed pamphlets can send your awareness and sponsor-raising efforts into hyperdrive.


Print Marketing is Versatile, Low-Cost and Effective

While you can’t discount their effectiveness, there’s more to using nonprofit brochures for direct mail marketing. In fact, using brochures outside of direct mail are just as strong in drumming up awareness of your organization, your cause and any events that you will be hosting. On top of that, not having to mail out brochures means you can further preserve your marketing budget in order to put it to use in other targeted ways that can likewise lead your organization towards success.

There’s nothing more attractive than a nice stack of good-looking brochures. At events like conventions, it’s important to have ample promotional materials at your table or booth to give away to visitors, and a brochure is the perfect choice.


Turn to Printing Shark Ottawa For All Your Nonprofit Brochure Printing

At Printing Shark, Ottawa’s top printing shop, we can even provide direct mailing fulfillment services as well as the design, printing, and mailing out your nonprofit brochures. We have been working with non-profits for over 5 years to help them raise awareness, increase donations and expand their organization’s efforts. We will get your job done quickly and effectively to ensure that your next event will have plenty of brochures to go along with it, and they will all be expertly designed and printed to provide your organization a veneer of professionalism that will turn potential donors’ heads and grab their attention.