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Marketing Continues After a Sale – Customer-Focused Marketing Plan

The roles of marketing in every organization haven’t changed from being the department that lays the golden egg before passing it on to sales. For active marketers, keeping the clients you already have before looking for new leads is the knowledge they already know.

In a time where purchasing leads and marketing for new leads is the order of the day, catering for existing customers gets taken for granted at a loss to the firm.

What do you do with your customer content to stay in their mind beyond the purchase? How do you make brand ambassadors out of your customers? The 3 vital points to take in making your customers brand advocates get located here.

  1. Start posting regularly

Companies strategize based on the lifecycles of the client at the point of meeting them for the first time. It is now becoming a trend for active marketers to forget about the customer as soon as the sale gets made. Post-sales are a tool that marketers use to turn client to brand advocates.

Make an additional data inquiry (through progressive profiling using digital marketing tool) to carry on wealthy clientele for your business. Who are customers talking to always? What bothers them the most? How can you reenact their success? As soon as data collection gets done, your work starts with relevant and targeted content to the customer until they succeed.

  1. Build up the engagement and assurance

Finding new lists via an email blast is the way to find and keep clients. Making your client loyal is dependent on the content you put out. By continuing in touch regularly, your customers know you care, that way they love and patronize your brand.

You can do this via your website by showing gestures as soon as a visitor visits the site for the first time. You can also choose the best way to know what customers want to know about your product by putting it on a scale of preference. You can direct how contents, call to action, and images can be used to predict the behavior and data of customers.

  1. When you have an excellent customer experience, it resonates when speaking it to friends. What is the reason for the transformation from a customer to a brand advocate? Client attaches advocacy to the emotional experience they have had with the company or brand. Clients spend at least 80% of their money buying for themselves and from b2b businesses directly from word of mouth persuasion. That has contributed to the company’s brand and ROI.

Here are some ways or form by which companies can encourage customer’s advocacy.

Keep them on their toes when they are your advocates.

You can carry this out by scaling their satisfaction, interactions during events, and with emails that come with benefits. Join groups on LinkedIn to expand your network and encourage comments on issues at present or through meet up. Having a right to air their view is part of the advocacy program.

Allow them access to spread contents.

A simple button of sending or share with a friend goes a long way in boosting your advocacy even if it is through email or via social media after they might read your content.

Make it a habit to reward feedback.

Organize shows and events that bring customers together to contest and allow the winners to leave with a reward attached.

Your marketing department has a job to do, and that job continues even after a sale gets made.