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Make the Back of Your Business Card Stand Out

The primary purpose of business cards is to inform people on how they will contact you. It is but a small paper says a lot, from who you are what services you offer and all that is required to get in touch with you. It actually does pay off to get creative with it, that is why professionals always raise the ante when it comes to the business card back design.

Business cards are quite important to both an individual and a company. They may be small in scope and appearance but are key in any business or work industry. All your clients will always associate the quality of your business card to the quality of the product and services you offer. If they look cheap and boring, you will lose a considerable number of potential clients.

The front and back of any business card have their own key purpose. The front carries your name, title and contact info, while the back is where you add on deeper information. Here are some tips to get the back of your business card looking amazing:

  1. Simplicity

Always keep in mind that your business card is a preview of what you or your company has to offer. There is no need to put your whole story on it but rather you should just give people a little push to want to learn more about you.

  1. Blank Doesn’t Have to Be White

Original designs or a picture is a great way to creatively make use of the back of your business card without overload. This has proven to be effective for designers or photographers.

  1. Use Evergreen Tips

As important as it is to add an original image it will also be good to share a useful tip that will help anyone who gets hold of your business card. This gives your business card an edge when people are clearing out their wallets and bags.

  1. Card to Coupon

An awesome way to get potential clients to hold on to your business card is to make it act not only as an information card but also a coupon. This is better done when you share a deal for only those who have your card.

  1. Direct to Your Social Media Accounts

If your business or brand has social media platforms for marketing, it is important to direct your clients to these accounts.

Business cards should give straightforward information on the services you offer and make it one of those things people do not want to get rid of.