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Make A Great First Impression

In marketing, the packaging is critical. The first impression your customer gets from your brand is, how it feels, looks and how well it is made to capture their attention. Customers are interested in packaging but almost everyone makes a judgment call from the exact packaging you pick even unconsciously.

For small businesses, getting an affordable packaging solution for your products is always a challenge. Here are some ways you can take care of this and get your first impression right:

Quick, Affordable and Personalized Promotional Packaging

When it comes to creative printing and mailing options it is important to perfect an affordable solution for packaging. Promotional packaging is built on three main ideas, it should be affordable, fast and personalized. This is done by printing your business’ artwork for each customer or group of customers onto a large high-quality material or large sheet. The material is durable, lightweight and does not affect the desired color or detail.

Handcrafts for The Perfect Packaging

For handcrafted products, promotional packaging is perfect. Here are some ways customers are using short-run packaging:

Soapmakers: A Pillow Box is perfect for cradling a customer’s creation. Adding to your custom labeling, design, and flair to your creation and have a product that pops inside and out.

Business card holders: Your business card is your first line of communications to your clients. Protect your investment with a custom business card holder

Jewelry makers: These easy-to-assemble packages are perfect for your bespoke creations! They can fit anything from necklaces to rings and earrings.

Quick Prototype Packaging

Prototype promotional packaging can be a total lifesaver. This is because of its quick turnaround time, they make it possible to test multiple test versions, personalized artwork, and affordable designs.

Variable Data, Personalized Packages

Promotional packaging takes advantage of innovative digital printing. This means you can tap into the power of variable data printing. If you have the data, printing companies can use it to trigger what changes in your artwork, from text to images to the entire design. Changing text on packaging to reference customer names, birth dates and other details. Swap out images based on customer preferences, past purchases. Change the entire art file for the packaging based on demographics, geography or anything else you can dream up.

Every first impression counts as it will be what compliments your pitch and make you turn a potential customer into an active one. This means that you need the best, but the best doesn’t always mean expensive. This removes the strain on your marketing budget.