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The Main Printing Product Categories For Your Business

If you’ve decide to make the great choice to use print for your business’s marketing campaign, you should probably learn about the different categories there are. Below, we’re going to show you what some of those categories are.


  • AdPromos: These include brochures, booklets, flyers, signage and point-of-purchase.
  • Books: These include mass market bound and paperback books.
  • Catalogs: These are printer for the business market and for the consumer.
  • Direct mail: This includes post cards, booklets, letter mail and self-mailers.
  • Directories: These are white and yellow pages.
  • Financial: This includes annual and quarterly reports.
  • Forms: These include carbon, carbon-less and multi-part forms, as well as internal documents.
  • Miscellaneous: This includes greeting cards, calendars, posters, wallpaper and wrapping paper.
  • Newspaper: These are usually daily or weekly.
  • Packaging: This includes labels, cartons and other packaging details.
  • Periodicals: These include journals, magazines and newsletters.
  • Technical documents: These include guides, manuals and instructions.


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