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Mail and Sales Go Hand in Hand

People say that direct mail has become a thing of the past, but before you can clear your whole marketing budget and set it into the digital realm there are a couple of facts that you will find interesting. These will help you consider weaving traditional and digital approaches together which will drive your marketing efforts forward.

If you feel stuck in all your marketing efforts, you should consider a direct mail campaign. Be it a simple or a catalog promotional piece. You are sure to get a high response rate, greater than any other email campaign alone. But what if you were to combine both?

Why Direct Mail is Still Relevant

An extremely high percentage of consumers confirmed that they respond first to direct mail over emails. The response rate of existing customers is also high but slightly lower for direct mail campaigns over those who respond to email campaigns. Responses for direct mail have shown to be higher than those for emails.

A Powerful Combination: Direct Mail and Email

Customers spend more when business, both small and large use both direct mail and email as a marketing strategy. New clients and prospects convert easily and faster when faced with a direct mail offer versus when faced by an email offer. Combining the two has increased brand awareness and recollection, this has provided a user-friendly customer experience.

Marketing using direct mailing and email set a long-term strategy for your business helping it to develop as a brand. They also help establish brand identity, consideration, awareness, and customer loyalty.

All these are done by using both direct mailing and email service hand in hand. Customers change, and you will be required to keep up with their trends in order to make profits. Marketing is consistent and never stops. The right marketing strategies boost sales and if you can’t convince your consumers that your services and products will satisfy their needs your sales will obviously go down. Understanding your audience is crucial for boosting your sales.

After products and services have been created it is time to persuade your prospects and customers that your products will satisfy their needs and make life a little bit easier. This is where direct mailing and emailing comes into play.

Marketing provides a value to increase the quality of brand awareness, leads and gives your business a chance to increase your sales by giving you the opportunity to convert prospects to active customers.