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Low conversion rate – Listen to your customers.

I’m a writer who loves making printouts in Ottawa using a popular printing company in the heart of the city. But recently whenever I go there to make copies of my books, I’m faced with a lot of bureaucratic bottlenecks I find hard to deal with. So I went to their official Twitter handle to Lodge a Complaint, and I was greeted promptly with the usual, ” we will look into it.”

I went there again in the past few weeks still the same issue and the same response from the company.

The bottom line is, they never paid attention to my complaint and clearly were not listening to what I had to say.

The past few years I have been using a company that cares about what I do and how to best achieve it by giving me an incredible customer service.

If you are currently in the predicament I faced earlier; it is time to seek help.

Here are 4 ways to better improve your conversion rate

Quantify happiness: start with the fundamentals.

Trying to quantify happiness have been going on for ages by philosophers looking for the next headline. In this our fast-paced business, it is about going back to the fundamentals.

It all starts with the simple questions of asking for a buyer’s feedback on a buying process, they just encountered, using a rating or scale system.

Depending on their rating, you can now categorize them in various ways like:

  • Detractors: disgusted customer with a lot of negative comments about your buying process.
  • Passives: Indifferent to the whole process, not entirely satisfied
  • Promoters: Brand loyalist looking for more opportunities

You can now eventually channel your attention to more pressing areas.

  1. Customer success: The key to converting more

Immediately the buying process is completed, and a sale is made, it is up to the seller to keep it up. They can do that by offering after-sales services that keep the customers satisfied to bring more product. It also helps keep the marketing and sales department on their toes.

Conversion rates can measure customer’s success programs.

A follow up after attending to a customer complaint is the best way to create support. You can start post-case support questions like;

  • Were your complaints attended to?
  • Would you be available to further talk about the issue with one of our team members?

By attending to customers swiftly, you would have retained at least 5% of your customers which can get you 25-95 percent profit on the long run, that is according to 2013 Bain & Co. A great benefit if you ask me.

  1. Listening to clients: Covers all ramifications

Customers experience to why a customer might patronize your business to about 5.2x. Have it at the back of your heart that customers experience is relevant.: Start at the top of the awareness, to gaining and maintaining interest, all the way down to the end.

That is why it is essential to cover every ramification about your customer. Here are the salient questions you should be asking:

  • Interest: What format work for you in receiving our brand.
  • Consideration: Who does the buck stop at his table?
  • Conversion: Is price an essential topic for you?
  • Retention: How can we better serve you?
  • Advocacy: How would you rate our service to a friend or colleague?
  1. Digitalize your action

 Now that your customers have responded, what next?

It doesn’t stop with just getting feedback; you have to put in the work. Synchronize whatever feedback with an automation tool that predicts the next available step to take, especially when data is much.

In summary

The Bottom line is to listen and put your customers first because through to them is the key to getting more business.  Data from feedback is useless if they are not acted upon so if you are looking to improve your conversion rates for your Ottawa business then utilizing this feedback is a great way to boost your business.