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Killer Strategies to Develop Word-of-mouth Advertising

Word of mouth has been one of the world’s best-kept marketing secrets when it comes to advertising. Even with the loads of money the movie industry uses in film advertisement, people still ask their friends for suggestions of what to watch. Friends and relatives are also the most trusted source of information on places to visit and where to eat. Choices like what doctors to visit, mechanics to take our cars to or which barbershop largely rely on referrals.

As much as word of mouth is an extremely effective tool, it is uncommon for people to advance it and develop it into the next level. The best word of mouth is done not by chance but more of by design to manage it. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Efficient and effective service

Most individuals always remember customer service better than the product being sold to them. It is important to focus on the experience of the customer to generate referrals.

  • Positivity is key

Employees require to be trained to always be positive about the company and customers. Rewards are key things that would boost employee morale.

  • Engage customers

It is important to always engage and understand the customer’s point of view and grievances in order to create the best possible experience for more referrals.

  • Maintain Presence

Always be in your top mind as you engage customers. As a company, it is also important to have quarterly newsletters to invite customers to special events to engage with staff.

  • Network

The only individuals to give referrals about your company and commodity are usually the people who you have gained their trust and you are known to them.

It may seem outdated but print media advertising is among the most efficient means of advertising. They include magazines, newspapers and printed posters.

Advertising on billboards and posters

 They give advertisers and marketers the unique opportunity to spread their reach on consumers who are constantly on the road or on the move.  Placed in key areas such as train stations and bus stations they have the growing potential to reach large masses of people who turn to consumers.

Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers give advertisers an edge and ability to reach local, regional and national daily readers with their products. Newspapers and magazines target a large mass of people of different ages. This is an advantage because it gives your business an opportunity to beat the competition between pages. Consumer magazines cover a wide range of interests.

Print media offers marketers a unique opportunity where they can target readers, with cost relying on circulation and nature of the readers. Research is key in picking the right print media as a company gets to understand their customers and customer preferences.