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Important Yard Sign Printing Tips For Your Business

If you have a business and you’re considering using yard signs as an avenue for marketing, you may want to keep a number of things in mind before you begin such a venture. We’re talking about issues related to printing your signs and by extension, the placement of your signs as well. Check out these 8 important tips you can use to get the best results when printing for your yard sign…

  • You usually cannot position a smaller yard sign in a way which allows both sides of it to be seen by traffic, so only print on one side instead of on both. That way, you can save yourself some money on printing.
  • Ensure that your print stands out on the yard sign by using contrasting colors. Use dark and light color combos, so that your information will be easily read from near or far.
  • Don’t print a long message on your yard sign. Your best bet is to use two-line messages with a direction. Try not to include an address, unless your sign will be positions on an intersection.
  • Yard sales that are meant to advertise a location, should use pointing arrows to show the direction of your event or location.
  • Make sure to use a call to action with your logo on your yard sign, unless your customers will recognize just your logo alone.
  • Choose your font wisely. Arial or Verdana are good options for your yard sign, because that are easy to read and are quite noticeable – other fonts can become confusing when traffic is moving fast or if they’re coming from afar off.
  • Make the most of white space in your yard sign, so that your message won’t get lost or be hard to read.
  • Never make your letters too small. The bigger the letters, the more effective your yard sign will be.

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