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To say a marketing budget is not needed for any organization is unbelievable. But for start-ups or SMEs, it is a difficult decision to make because of scarce resources. Both your finances and marketing are all tied together.

Is this your current situation, if it is, it’s safe to say you are not alone in this boat. A lot of business are used to or growing used to marketing their business on a very tight budget. How can one get effective in marketing under a stringent budget? Here are some tips we would love to share.

Be creative with how you throw incentive towards existing customer like the ” refer a friend ” option.

A customer’s referral network is an excellent place to grow your customer base even if it is slow. Putting out milestones and incentive each customer can reach will go a long way in improving your sales. By so doing, repeat and loyal customers can crop up even if it via social media.

Be proactive with your localized community.

Social media is a tool you can use to get more sales if you hit up friends and advertise to them what you are selling. Never underestimate the referral you can get from businesses who don’t offer what you have via social media. Also, know that a lot is expected of you as well; it is a give and take situation in this case. You can do joint events together and get promotions from local-based media networks as well.

Niche marketing is effective.

Niche marketing is far more effective if you are on a budget. Instead of generalizing about who might need your product, research, and survey the environment to find out what sex, age, location, income level you’re catering for. Smart work will always beat hard work anytime.

Create a great partnership

Marketing can be simple, or it can get hard if you don’t know what you are doing. Smaller firms value partnership when marketing because they can always split the cost. An artist can always partner with a lyricist to market themselves. B2B marketing is trending today, even on social media. You give a shout-out to me, and I give one to you too on my page to increase promotions.

Small businesses get always faced with their challenges. But if they look very closely, there are free marketing tools and less expensive mediums to carry out ideas. These will grow your business in the long run.