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How to Sell More Gift Cards for Your Business in Ottawa

No matter how big or small your business is, you will definitely benefit from having gift cards available for customers to purchase. The ROI on gift cards is great because it is cash on hand right away and offers customers a universal gift to give to anyone without having to worry too much about the recipients interests in specific products or sizes (for clothing etc.) and more. Gift cards are also programmable so you can offer ready-made dollar amounts as well as the option to program them to match the customers desired dollar amount.

Some of the great marketing benefits of gift cards for your business are the following:

  • Gift cards take up very little square footage at your retail storefront.
  • Gift cards are inexpensive and can be reprogrammed to use again as they are redeemed. Of course you will want to make sure the cards are cleaned and sanitized to ensure you are not handing customers a dirty used card.
  • Gift cards encourage customers to visit your store or use your services. In fact, recent studies suggest that more than 50% of gift card recipients said they visited a store because of the gift card when they wouldn’t have otherwise tried that business out.
  • Gift cards can be sold online in addition to a physical card in person. Online gift cards are becoming more and more popular and can easily be integrated into your website.

If you currently are not offering gift cards then you need to get some and start as soon as possible to take advantage of the referral marketing power behind gift cards. Your current customer base that is extremely happy with your services will be looking for gifts for their friends and family during holidays and upcoming birthdays. When they are looking for that perfect gift, it will boost your sales if they think of your business and you have gift cards available for purchase.

Additionally, not all gift cards get redeemed which means that you received money for the sale but the exchange of services or goods never takes place. This can be both a positive and a negative as you would likely prefer people to actually come in and use your services or products so that you can transform that new customer into a lifelong customer. On the other hand, at least your revenue went up with the increased sales but your expenses were not impacted as the card was never redeemed.

We can help you get your gift cards designed and we are familiar with POS systems that work with custom printed programmed gift cards so we can help get you the right encoding for your plastic cards when you are ready to order. Don’t delay as every day that passes you are missing out on potential gift card sales that can lead to a boom in your customer base size. Increase your sales this year by marketing your custom printed gift cards in Ottawa.

Custom Printed Gift Cards are great for restaurants, spas and salons, landscaping companies, contractors, flower shops and pretty much any business under the sun.