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How to rebrand your product: The Kodak, BlackBerry and Crayola lessons

Recently Crayola has gone above and beyond their usual brand of product to launch beauty items. At the same time, we have found Blackberry rebrand their mobile product into a phone called KEY 2 that features a full keyboard. While Kodak, on its own, found a way to remake the Ektachrome 100 film. Here are 3 brands facing enormous changes and competition on their own. Consumer needs continuously change, together with the disruption going on in the market because of technology and from competitors.

So how do you keep fresh content all the time in this changing world? Blackberry and Kodak have dug into their arsenal to remake and rebrand a few of their old products (film and keyboards), which was loved previously. Both moves focus on niche marketing strategies. The number of people who might still want them might be less than those who wouldn’t want them. Not many people enjoy the real film or a full keyboard.

For Crayola, their adventure seems to have meddled in another direction. A bold and daring move into the unknown might seem like a long shot, but you never know.

It might work for Crayola the same way it will for Kodak and Blackberry. The bottom line is, there is no rule book of infiltrating the market again with your product. If we have learned anything, it is that doing something is better than having your brand go to absolute ruins.