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How to Design Print Materials Using Foil Stamp Effects

Foil stamping is a custom print effect that gives a metallic feel to printed materials. It is the simplest way to add a touch of elegance to anything and everything, from business cards, invitations, reports and letterheads.

But how do you design for it?

How It Works

Your custom design is first imprinted onto a metal slide, a piece of foil is placed between the two, and then they are placed onto a hot stamp press.

Importance of Designing Using Foil

Firstly, some fonts and designs will look way better with that metallic effect. Secondly, it makes you settled for a specific design as changing your design will cost you both time and money. Here we will discuss some of the best practices for a foil design:

Tips and Tricks for Foil Design

The following items should always in mind when designing using hot foil. This will make sure that your final product is bot fabulous and exactly what you wanted.

  • Consider Paper Type

For the best end product, your foil stamping should have a hardline art. The type of art will be clear and consistent when coated on a smooth paper. However, if you are using heavy paper, the foil design needs to be large and simple to get achieve a high-quality effect.

  • Adjust Typography

Foiling makes words appear larger but in order to make sure that your text is easy to read it is advisable to loosen the space between letters and increasing the top between the lines.

  • Bigger is Better

It is always a complex question to select which part of your business card to add the foil. Experts advise avoiding the small areas and head for the bigger elements. Titles, logos, large patterned backgrounds, headers and contour line are some great pieces to use foil on.

  • 3D Rendering

3D technology will be able to give you a visual of what your end product will look like. When working with a professional designer they will offer a metallic rendering of the end product making you sure that this is what you wanted. If they do not offer this, you can easily request it.

  • Simple is The Way

When designing using foil it is important to always make sure you keep things simple as these finishes look way better when used minimally. Pick a simple colour scheme for your design elements.

These tips and tricks will make sure you are able to get the most of out of your foiling design.