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How to Capture and Keep Your Client’s Attention

The secret to successful sales is consistent, organized and disciplined prospecting. Some questions that you will need to ask yourself in order to gauge whether your sales activities are working are; are you identifying your prospects well? What are your conversion rates? Here we will discuss some steps that are best at capturing your prospects attention and converting them to active customers:

The Greeting

This is very obvious but in sales, this is highly underestimated. First impressions are important and can easily give your brand negative impressions with an unpleasant persona. A prospects potential to becoming an active customer wholly depends on the attitude of the salesperson. To be successful with the first greeting a sales person needs to be able to have an attitude that the prospects want to interact with.

Provide Value

When you are giving value to a prospect you are giving them a reason to care about what it is you are saying. The value you give should be brief and straight to the point. The theme should also be consistent throughout the talk.

But how do you become effective when providing value? Firstly, your statement should be able to briefly address the problem that the prospect is facing and have a clear way of how your service or product will be solved. Your value should then provide a major benefit to the prospect.

Effective value statements use benefit value words such as gain, increase, improve, grow, enhance, maximize, manage and enhance. This compliments your communication selling your solution to the prospect.

Manage Resistance

It goes without saying that you will definitely face some resistance from your prospect. This is because they were not expecting your call and may want to get back to what they were doing. But you should not feel discouraged but rather take control of the conversation.

Qualify and Get an Appointment

The research will assist you in knowing if you are talking to the right person and save you time. So many appointments turn to a total waste of time. This is because there was no research done and you do not understand that what products and services your prospect needs.

After understanding that you need to start on a qualification process it will put you in a better position to be able to pitch your services and products to the right audience.

All these tactics will help you understand, gain and keep your prospects attention and convert them to active customers.