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Great Tips For Printing Your Custom Business Letterheads

Your business letterheads serve as an official representation of your business, when you are sending letters or other documents to your clients or to other companies. Professionalism is key in the design and printing of your business’s letterheads. You can’t expect to get the results you anticipate from your letters if they don’t represent you in an accurate and impressive manner. That’s why we are eager to show you some of the great tips you can use to help you print your custom business letterheads. Check them out.

  • Be careful to ensure that you pay careful attention to the alignment of your letter head. Most letterheads these days tend to be center-aligned, while more traditional letterheads usually lines up to the left side. Certain instances may even allow for your letterhead to align to the right side. You can use any alignment you want, to get the desired result you require for your aesthetic preferences.
  • Don’t be afraid to make use of colors for your letterhead. Keep it as professional as you can, but try to add hints of color, whether in your background, logo or fonts, to ensure that your letterhead stands out.
  • Remember to keep your letterhead reasonably sized so that you have no problem when you have to print other content on the page as well. You don’t want to have any texts or images overlaying your letterheads when you print the document.
  • Be careful when choosing a font to use for your letterhead. You should try to create a consistent image for your company, by using consistent fonts and color schemes in order to make your letterhead more reliable.

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