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Great Tips To Lower The Cost Of Printing Posters

Printing posters for your business is one of the various marketing techniques which people tend to use to get their brand or product out there.


Unfortunately, printing can add quite a heavy cost to your entire marketing campaign. You need to be very careful with that and work towards lowering the cost of your printing. Here are some simple, but effective tips you can use to do that…


  • The more color you use for the background of your banner or poster, will actually use up quite a lot of ink and thus, cost you more. We advise that you use a white background or if you must use a background, then choose to use colored or patterned paper to print on. That would mean that you’ll only be using ink to print the text itself.


  • Try to keep your post as simple as you can. Using the option to print in black and white is very cheap, as compared to the printing of colored posters.


  • Opt for simple text on your posters – stick to the point so that you can use less ink to get your message across. You don’t have to say a lot to get your message to your audience.


  • Try to use more icons to represent your visual texts, instead of using graphics. We agree with making use of visual elements to help people interpret your message, but it’s also a great way to use up a lot of ink, if you opt for the use of graphics that is.


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