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Good taglines help you stand out

When it comes to marketing your business, the goal is to make your company stand out compared to the competition and to have your business at the forefront of where customers are looking so that you become the clear choice for the product or service that the customer is looking to purchase.

The more marketing you do and the more diverse your exposure through different marketing channels, the higher your success rate will be since it usually takes customers several times to have seen or heard about your business before they pull the trigger and make a purchase. Even if you think that a customer has just contacted you out of the blue, more often than not the customer has been thinking about this purchase for a while and has even seen your business several times.

In addition to just going after volume and quantity of marketing sources and tactics, it is equally important to think about the quality and consistency of your marketing messages. It is crucial to make sure that your print marketing materials and online ads and website all have great taglines and calls to action so that you control the marketing message in a very effective way while prompting the customer to take action and do something – usually resulting in a sale.

A good tagline will make your business stand out and create a more memorable and lasting impression for potential customers.

A good tagline can enhance your company’s advertising and make your business more memorable in the minds of consumers. When crafting your terrific tagline, there are some key pointers to think about so that you can generate the best tag line possible.

Include a Call to Action

Try to think of a tagline that incorporates some form of action. Take the AMEX tagline “Don’t leave home without it” for example. This tagline literally plants an idea in the customer’s mind that their AMEX card is an essential thing to have with you that you shouldn’t even leave your home without having your card in your pocket. With one sentence, American Express has been able to clearly define the importance of their product and the value that hit holds to customers. When creating your tagline think about the AMEX example and craft the perfect tagline that evokes the right emotions and sentiment in your customers about how your business products and services will help them.

Inspire Your Customers

When you inspire and uplift your customers you will be both expressing your brand’s personality while making your customers feel good about doing business with you. Let’s look at Nike’s tagline “Just do it” which inspires customers to do something great and fills them with encouragement while demonstrating the company’s personality that anything is possible if you just execute and follow through. A simple and short slogan that has a lasting impact on customers.

Focus on Clarity of Your Tagline

When developing your company’s tagline it is best to focus on a clear, short and impactful message. The more clear your tagline, the more it will be comprehended by potential customers and also the less chance of having your tagline be misunderstood. Your goal should be to make a tagline that is more concise vs. comprehensive so that customers know what you do and what they should do. For example, one flower shop has a slogan “We deliver your love” which is short and sweet and gets the point across that you are sending flowers out of love (in most cases) and they help you by delivering your love to someone you care about.

Put Your Tagline Everywhere

Once you develop the perfect tagline it’s time to blast it out in the world everywhere. Put your tagline on your website, business cards, email signature and your custom printing materials. Take this opportunity to freshen up your existing print marketing items and get some printing in Ottawa done so that you can feature your new tagline on  your print marketing products.