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Free and Effective Fonts for Your Business Cards

There is no clear answer to which the best fonts for business cards are, but we can go through a few which will make your business card serve its purpose of being memorable. There are tons of websites with free fonts meaning that if you begin sifting through each of them you might end up feeling overwhelmed and confused.

But what is the importance of fonts for business cards? As we all know, business cards are small, so we mostly think of them as harmless. This is wrong on so many levels it is scary. Once you get the attention of a customer it would be crude to blow it all by a poorly designed business card.

Your business card should make a statement to compliment all your efforts and prove that your services are of the highest quality. This is where your font comes into play, as you need to use a bold font that fills the small face of the business card. In the hands of a master designer, the small surface will work and have your business card talking for you.

Here are some fonts that have proven to be effective:


It is brilliant, dramatic and has that hint of suspense. It walks on the thin line that separates glamorous and edgy always demanding a second look.


Wholesome, thick and round, milkshake font raises the feeling of a Sunday afternoon and a glossy chrome. It is great for headers in your designs.

Sofia Pro

It brings a touch of play onto your business card while still maintaining its poise. It looks amazing when it dominates a design or used in small print making it suitable for an entire project.


Just as the name illustrates this font will suck you in with its tidiness and concise lines. This will give your business cards that elegant and blissful feel.


This font doesn’t sacrifice its form as it embodies its beautiful minimalism.

Acherus Grotesque

In its simplicity, this font gives that Broadway vibe and feel. It is sharp and nice and gives your business card a smooth feel.


It is unique as it has two different italic forms which are unlike any other serif font. This font is more popular among young professionals.

These are just but a few of the fonts that will come in handy to make your business card pop-up and stand out earning you that one very impressed client. If you are looking to get business cards printed in Ottawa then our print shop can handle the job – from regular business card stocks to printing some custom business cards on specialty card stocks with specialty finishing we can handle it all. And if you need help designing your business cards, we have a team of graphic designers who can help design your business cards. Everything you need in one shop at our local printing shop in Ottawa. Give us a call or send us an email using our forms on our website and we can get started with your custom business card printing in Ottawa.