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Some DOs and DON’Ts Of Business Card Printing

Business card printing is a serious matter – more important than you probably imagine. It’s one of the very effective tactics of traditional marketing campaigns, but only if done correctly. There are a number of things that you should and should not do as it relates to the printing of your business cards. These different things can alter the effectiveness of your print marketing campaign.

Here are the DOs and DON’Ts of printing your business cards…

  • DO keep things sweet and simple, because it makes your content much more easy for users to digest. Forget about using all the fancy font in the world and instead, focus on keeping it simple enough and large enough for people to comfortably read.
  • DO use the back of the card if you need to do things like present information in a different language or print a small calendar on it, etc.
  • DO put the right information on your card. Remember to proofread your card before you actually print it out. Ensure that what you have on it is spelled correctly, is completely informative and accurately represents your company.
  • DO NOT be cheap about your card – you need to give your cards a quality appearance and feel if you want people to perceive your company as one which offers quality products and services.
  • DO NOT use common clip art on your business card, because frankly, it doesn’t look very professional.
  • DO NOT use business cards which are outdated. It’s better to spend the money on getting newly updated cards, on which all the information is fresh.

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