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Direct Mail Mistakes to Avoid

This is used to get attention; the only issue is what to do with that attention once you get it. You literally have 3 seconds to turn your prospect into a customer before they put the direct mail down. Every second must count. Here are some of the top mistakes to avoid when making your direct mail campaigns:

Direct Mail Has No Clear Goals

It is important to understand what you will term as a success for your campaign. Will it be a better-named recall? More walk-ins? Or a huge turnout in an event? Once you have set your personal goals you can easily measure how effective you were in achieving each one of them.

Pick a goal, find a way to track its progress and effectiveness and finally make it easy to complete.

Picking the Wrong Audience for Your Campaign

When launching a direct mail campaign most people do not check to see if the audience is the right one. Direct mailing does not work for every individual, so all businesses are advised to use direct mailing intelligently.

The best way to figure out which audience will respond well to your direct mail campaign is to build segments of your market after research, slice and dice the findings and finally custom your message necessarily.

Too Scripted

Make sure your message has words that pop and sound new although they aren’t. Keep it short and simple.

Lack of a Clear Call to Action

Don’t fill your direct message with a call to action statements, and also do not miss putting up one. Most campaigns fail as they either have no call to action or it is too subtle. An easy call to action should be memorable, bold and easy for anyone to actually complete. This will make it effective.

To make your call to action stand out and be effective as intended you should; include only one, put it in bold and bright colours and finally make it personalized using either a QR code or personalized images on the piece.

Your Campaign Focuses on Features

People do not care about where you are, or if you are running out of business but people buy holes in things, not drills. If your direct mail campaign focuses on features rather than value, then that is why your campaign is failing.

Always remember to use mailing service to save on both time and sanity. Avoiding these mistakes in your direct mail campaign is a sure way to make the campaign successful and fruitful.