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Custom Printed Vinyl Banners Work to Drive New Sales

We’ve all seen them as we travel through the city on our daily commute and you may have even been influenced by one to make a spontaneous purchase. Custom printed vinyl banners are an effective marketing billboard that many successful businesses use to get their message out there and attract new customers. If you have a store front or you go to trade shows and conferences to drum up new business then full colour vinyl banners are a must-have tool in your marketing toolbox.

There are many advantages with vinyl banners over other forms of custom printed signage. The biggest benefit of custom printed vinyl banners is that they are extremely portable. You simply roll them up and unroll them when you are ready to hang the banner somewhere. They are also very affordable to print and you can get cheap vinyl banners printed at our Ottawa print shop on Bank Street. We can even do the hemming and grommets so you will have a professional vinyl banner that can be used for many years to come. Whether you are looking for a permanent sign to let customers know where you are located or a temporary sign with a promotion or special, vinyl banners make a cost-effective and high quality presentation of your message to customers.

Vinyl banners are great because you can put a simple message that can be seen from a distance so you can attract customers from far away such as a nearby street where there is high traffic. Thanks to their portable nature, you can easily remove, replace, and add different banners as things change in your business or you want to promote something new to customers.

We use 13oz high quality vinyl for our printing with full colour on a large format digital press. We can print banners that are small such as 2 feet by 5 feet or even large banners that are 20 feet long (or longer). Regardless of the size, we can likely accommodate your printing needs for a custom banner print. Additionally, we have both indoor and outdoor vinyl banners available with long life expediencies and UV resistant inks so that even if your banner is left outdoors the colour will be more durable through the years compared to our competitors cheap printing processes. And to make hanging easy, we can even add grommets in the corners or every two to three feet for you no problem.

Take advantage of passing traffic and get a custom printed vinyl banner for your business so that you can maximize your profits from a minimal investment in a printed banner. Mention that you saw this blog post and we’ll even give you a discount to reward you for investing time into researching marketing strategies for your business in Ottawa.

Make this the year you start using custom printed signage to dominate your marketplace and you won’t regret it!