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Custom Printed Brochures are Very Effective

There are more marketing channels and platforms available today that it can get quite overwhelming as a business owner to know which one you should focus your time and energy on in order to achieve great results. Digital marketing is a great avenue for marketing your business as it can be very affordable and allow you to target very specific audiences of customers. That being said, customers are bombarded with digital advertising more than ever before and as such the digital marketing landscape has lost some effectiveness. Not to say you should avoid this but you should make sure that digital and offline marketing is part of your business promotion strategy because there are benefits to both and missing out on one would be selling yourself short.

For time limited offers, the internet is perfect for marketing your business as things will be changing in an instant and here today but gone tomorrow. The goal would be to try and convert customers quickly utilizing your marketing budget for short marketing promotions. On the other hand, for things that need more longevity custom printed brochures in Ottawa can help promote your business all through the year. One of the main benefits of printed marketing material is that it hangs around your customer. When a customer picks up a brochure or receives one in the mail they can keep it on hand for reference later. Maybe you sell windows and your customer receives your custom printed brochures in the winter time but they are waiting for summer to do some renovations around the home. They will store it away and revisit your marketing material when they are ready. Compared to digital marketing where they may see your ad but are not ready to take action so then nothing happens in that instance.

Custom printed brochures are cheap and look great plus you can pack in a lot of information compared to other forms of print marketing materials. As long as the information isn’t changing frequently, you can keep these on hand and save a ton of money by printing them in a large volume bulk print order to get the lowest cost possible.

Furthermore, with digital marketing you are often very limited to a small banner or text ad whereas with custom printed full colour brochures you can add a lot of information and high quality photos of your product or service. If you are heading to a trade show or marketing or networking event in Ottawa then you absolutely should have some printed brochures on hand. If you attend these type of events without a takeaway printed item for potential customers than you are wasting these opportunities. Contact us to see what printing specials we have running at the moment to save you money on your custom printed brochures.